Christophe Cuny joins Eurohypo to expand property derivatives (UK)

Eurohypo, Europe's largest commercial real estate bank, has appointed Christophe Cuny to its London derivatives team, lead by Ed Stacey, in order to offer clients an innovative new range of property derivatives products.

Christophe Cuny

Christophe Cuny

While Eurohypo is not new to property derivatives (Ed Stacey was involved in laying the foundations for what is today a multi-billion pound market), it is now taking a different approach. Eurohypo plans to offer sector/sub-sector trades, something interbank market makers are finding challenging at present due to all the liquidity being concentrated in the IPD All Property index. This will allow Eurohypo clients to consider much more specific property segments than is currently possible.

Christophe Cuny brings a wealth of experience to the UK Derivatives team, not only from his time as Director, Property Derivatives, Structuring & Distribution at ABN Amro, London, but also as the Head of Structuring and Inflation Derivatives at Abbey National Financial Products. He is known for his wider experience in Alternative Investments and his interest in Asset-Specific property derivatives.

Ed Stacey, Managing Director, Derivatives Eurohypo AG London commented: "With our strong client base of institutional property investors and understanding of the property market, Eurohypo is perfectly placed to advise on and offer derivatives for sectors/sub-sectors.

"Christophe's addition to the team brings Eurohypo closer to our goal of becoming a substantial market maker to our client base. This will further strengthen our position as a 'one stop shop' for clients, but more importantly, allow clients to manage their relative exposure to asset classes very precisely."

Christophe Cuny, Managing Director, Derivatives Eurohypo AG London added: "Eurohypo is the leading real estate bank in Europe and is traditionally very active in supporting professional investors finance deals. It also has a track record of innovation, and so is ideally placed to lead the evolution of real estate derivatives. Sector/sub-sector trades will create a whole new range of possibilities for investors, allowing them to precisely weight their portfolios without having to buy or sell in what is a challenging physical market."

Source: Madano Partnership

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