Chandran Nair to address regions developers for ULI Conference (UAE)

Chandran Nair, the Founder and CEO of the Hong Kong-based Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), a private, non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing understanding the challenges of globalisation in Asia through connecting business, will be in Abu Dhabi early next year to address a key gathering of regional development professionals.

Nair, who is heading the campaign for an Asian-based policy think tank, is to deliver the keynote address at the Urban Land Institute's (ULI) February conference devoted to 'Building A Sustainable Future, Trends Opportunities and Challenges.' The Institute is an international non-profit research and education organization dedicated to responsible land use. The conference in Abu Dhabi reflects ULI's expanding outreach in the UAE.

"Chandran is well known for his strong views on the challenges facing Asia and the need for connectivity," said Richard Rosan, President, ULI Worldwide. "His views on fostering dialogue on corporate governance, protection of social nets and sustainability rights challenge the existing status quo. Conference delegates will gain a valuable insight into the Asian equation and the role we can all play by embracing a greater understanding of the region's challenges."

'Building A Sustainable Future, Trends, Opportunities and Challenges' will be held at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi on February 13. The conference will bring international experts in sustainable development together with key regional leaders and decision-makers to explore how global best practices and lessons learned can be applied locally.

"The incredible pace of development in the Gulf Co-operation Council countries presents a unique opportunity for officials and developers to create long-lasting growth," said William Kistler, President, ULI Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

"Conference attendees will learn what sustainable development really is, how it differs from conventional development, and what makes it work. Valuable insights into the costs and benefits of sustainable development will be shared, as well as how project, business and urban strategies are incorporating sustainability."

The ULI conference in Abu Dhabi will mark the formal launch of the ULI Middle East Centre and the ULI Centre For Real Estate Education. Both will be housed within the new headquarters of Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the tourism asset development arm of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), which is being built adjacent to Maqta Bridge, the gateway to Abu Dhabi city. The center will also house the ULI Middle East Council, which currently has more than 200 members.

Source: MCS Action

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