Centrum Galerie Dresden awarded Excellent BREEAM certification (DE)

After Multi Development Germany GmbH received the "Very Good" BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate for Forum Duisburg last year, another Multi project sets even higher standards by being awarded BREEAM "Excellent" certification. Centrum Galerie is the first building in Germany, and the first shopping mall in continental Europe, to receive this highest BREEAM certification level.

Centrum Galerie Dresden

Centrum Galerie Dresden will offer 52,000 m² of retail space.

Centrum Galerie Dresden is in a class of its own, with its architectural quality and social service offerings such as a day-care center on the roof, but also in terms of environment-friendliness and sustainability.

"We are very proud of having received BREEAM "Excellent" certification, as sustainability is a key priority in all Multi projects, along with high-quality architecture. The award of this certificate highlights our extensive commitment in this sector," said Multi project manager Jörn Kreuzahler.

The British certification system is currently the most common international method for evaluating the environmental impacts of real estate projects and is the oldest certification for sustainable construction. BREEAM considers the overall environmental performance of a building, from design to construction and use. Also the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) have identified BREEAM as the best assessment method and is the initiator of the PAN-European BREEAM Retail Assessment scheme, which is in the final stage of completion.

Early focus on sustainability
Careful use of resources and optimization of the energy and space consumption has been a critical issue of the Centrum Galerie project since planning began in 2006.
It is an inner-city regeneration project with retail on three levels for optimum land-use and is close to all major public transport facilities.
The design of various areas of the building and application of the most advanced technologies all contribute to protecting resources. Just a few examples are: the use of high-quality materials and optimized building design reduce the heat transfer loss by 40%, compared to EnEV 2004 requirements (Energy Saving Regulation). Substantial roof greening reduces the effluent coefficient of rainwater and provides a rooftop park for the day-care center. Photovoltaic panels have been installed to provide part of the energy needs of the center. Further energy efficiency measures include: comprehensive lighting management system; LED lighting; maximization of day-light use; energy saving mode on escalators, among others.

Centrum Galerie Dresden
With a total retail space of 52,000 m², on the Prager Strasse, Multi Development Germany GmbH is realizing the biggest shopping mall in Dresden. The inner-city gallery offers international retail stores and gastronomic concepts, which are complemented by service offers and a day-care center. The car park includes around 1,000 spaces. The concept was developed by Multi's in-house design group, T+T Design, in co-operation with architect Peter Kulka from Dresden and De Architekten Cie, Amsterdam. Multi

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