Centre Point set to swing again (UK)

The future of London’s iconic Centre Point complex has taken a huge leap forward last week with the confirmation that planning permission has been granted to give it an imaginative new lease of life.

Camden Council has granted the Centre Point partnership between Almacantar and Frogmore permission for a complete regeneration of Centre Point Tower, the Centre Point Link Bridge and Centre Point House. The scheme will fill the void between Oxford Street and Covent Garden with a new destination ‘hub’ for the center of London.

Originally commissioned by property entrepreneur, Harry Hyams, and designed by Richard Seifert, Centre Point encapsulates the optimism, imagination and design flair of 1960s London. However, despite its iconic design and focal location, its true potential has been held back by the road system at its base and a lack of cohesion between the building use and the surrounding space.

But that is set to change. The transformation plans will put Centre Point back at the center of the cultural map as a place where people ‘arrive’ to live, shop and socialize. The vision is for Centre Point’s transformation to breathe new life into the West End, with Centre Point the vibrant focal point between Covent Garden and Oxford Street.

The Crossrail development will open up the location to more people than ever before. The fast connection between Heathrow and the West End, and the expansion of Tottenham Court Road station, will effectively make Centre Point the most likely place where new visitors from around the globe will ‘emerge’ in London – reaffirming Centre Point’s geographic and symbolic position as the epicenter of central London.

Almacantar and Frogmore are working closely with partners including Transport for London, Camden and Westminster Councils on plans to vastly improve the surrounding area in the form of a pedestrianized square that will enable Londoners, visitors and residents to enjoy this unique destination and connect Oxford street, Soho and Covent Garden.

Source: Almacantar

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