CBRE to provide its services for two luxury residential complexes by Donstroy in Moscow (RU)

CBRE’s project management will provide its services for two luxury residential complexes in Moscow being developed by Donstroy.

The total area of the complexes will be 219,230 m².

BARRIN HOUSE is being constructed on the territory of a former silk mill in central Moscow located at: 8, M. Pirogovskaya street, bld. 1,2 and 3. It will be a deluxe residential complex with a total area of 94,000 m², designed by Russian architects from ABD Group under the management of Nikita Biryukov.

It is designed in a way that connects mansions with different numbers of floors (7-8-10 and 12) to form a spacious courtyard, very unusual for the center of the city. In terms of infrastructure, a luxury fitness-center with a swimming pool and kids club will be constructed on the site as well as three floors of underground parking for 762 cars with a carwash.

The other residential complex where CBRE will provide Tekhnicheskiy Zakazchik functions is located in the Northern-Western administrative district of Moscow on the territory of a famous Alye Parusa complex at Aviatsionnaya Street, 77-79, bld. 5, block 5. The last two buildings will complete the famous quarter constructed on the bank of the Moscow River with a 500-meter pedestrian embankment, yacht club and operational lighthouse.

The two new buildings will have a total area of 125,230 m² and include 563 apartments. The buildings are connected by four underground and aboveground levels including parking for 772 cars. Additionally there will be 109 car spaces on the surface.

CBRE represents the owner, Donstroy. CBRE has a long-term relationship with this develop, currently the construction of Izmaylovskiy shopping centre in Moscow (16,899 m²) is being completed under the supervision of CBRE’s project management team.

CBRE is fully licensed to provide construction control under Russian legislation and is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Source: CBRE

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