Catella establishes Amplion Asset Management's operations in Sweden (SE)

Catella's asset management division Amplion has established a new business unit in Sweden.

Amplion has teamed up with three highly experienced real estate professionals Greger Hedlund, Magnus Edlund and Örjan Johansson, who will become partners in the new company. Greger Hedlund has been nominated as MD. Additionally Sara Östmark and Josefina Erenius have been nominated as asset managers.

Before joining Amplion, the team operated PINE (Property Incentive Northern Europe). PINE's mandate Lönnbacken Fastigheter AB will continue to be taken care of by PINE with Magnus Edlund being the external MD of the company.

"Magnus, Örjan and I are very satisfied for the opportunity to start Amplion's business in the Swedish market. The market looks very promising and we are looking forward to creating new investment opportunities for our clients," says Greger Hedlund, Amplion Sweden.

"The expansion to Sweden is an important step in Amplion's growth strategy as Sweden is one of the most active and attractive real estate markets in Europe. Amplion's business concept is to establish investment clubs and non-regulated fund vehicles for investors where Amplion is part of the set up. Our model fits well for the investing clients' requirements since a crucial part of the service concept is the profit participation based on performance which will ensure the aligned interest between the investors and Amplion," says Timo Nurminen, Amplion Group.

Source: Catella

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