Catella acquires minority stake in IPM (SE/NL)

As a step in the development of Catella's asset management business, Catella has become the only institutional shareholder in IPM Informed Portfolio Management AB, through the acquisition of just over 5% of the shares in IPM's Dutch holding company. Catella intends to increase its ownership stake in the long term.

IPM's investment services and broad international client base complement Catella's current asset management operations. The stake in IPM creates possibilities for Catella to strengthen its position as a finance group. The initial effect of the acquisition on Catella's earnings and balance sheet will be marginal. Catella will be represented on IPM's board of directors.

IPM is a leading systematic investment manager specialized in Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) and Alternative Beta strategies. The company has approximately US$ 8 billion in assets under management on behalf of large institutional investors such as sovereigns, pension funds, insurance companies and foundations. IPM is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has 50 employees.

"We have been following IPM for some time and are impressed by its strategy. We perceive clear potential for continued expansion of the business and, therefore, are pleased that Catella has been offered the possibility to become an owner," says Johan Ericsson, CEO of Catella.

Source: Cision

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