Castellum invests SEK 239 million (SE)

Castellum AB, through its subsidiary Fastighets AB Corallen has started construction of the last phase in the central area Atollen, Jönköping. The project is carried out together with a partner, Corallen's part will consists of 4,400 m² retail/office/restaurant premises, of which 7% is currently leased. The new construction will be completed according to the environmental system "Miljöbyggnad". Corallen started the development in the area at the end of 2011 by a new construction of 6,019 m². office and retail premises. The total investment for Atollen is estimated to be around SEK 289 million (approx. €33.2 million), of which the last stage accounts for SEK 133 million (approx. €15.3 million) and is estimated to be completed during spring 2015.

In the Berga area, Helsingborg, Fastighets AB Briggen has started a new construction of a fully let, flexible warehouse building of 9,700 m². The new building will be completed according to the environmental system ‘Miljöbyggnad’ and ‘Green Building’. The investment is calculated to SEK 72 million (approx. €8.26 million) and to be completed during the fourth quarter 2014.

In Högsbo, Gothenburg, Harry Sjögren AB has acquired an office property of 2,700 m². The property is situated near the company's existing portfolio and has an occupancy rate of approx. 45%. The investment amounted to SEK 34 million (approx. €3.9 million) net after reduction of estimated deferred tax and includes an unutilized building right of 6,000 m². The change of possession has taken place.

Source: Castellum

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