Castellum invests in new and existing properties for €36.6 million (SE)

Castellum has through the wholly owned subsidiary Fastighets AB Briggen started a new construction of 7,400 m² office area in the Ideon-area in Lund. The investment, which is the final stage before completion of the property Edison Park, is calculated to SEK 150 million and to be completed during the first quarter 2012.

In Spånga, north of Stockholm, Fastighets AB Brostaden has acquired two properties for SEK 45 million. The properties, which are fully let, consists of 5,000 m² warehouse premises.

In Botkyrka, near E4 south of Stockholm, Brostaden has started a new production of 5,300 m² warehouse premises. The investment is calculated to SEK 50 million and will be completed during the summer 2011.

In Huddinge, Stockholm, Brostaden continues the development of the area Smista allé by new construction of a fully let property of 1,450 m² for boat trading. The investment is calculated to SEK 27 million and will be completed during the second quarter 2011.

In Örnsro, Örebro, Aspholmen Fastigheter AB has acquired a property for SEK 71 million. The property consists of 9,500 m² office- and retail premises and is fully let.

Total investments run SEK 343 million(€36.6 million).

Source: Castellum

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