CapMan Real Estate to team up with NEP Partners (FI)

CapMan Real Estate has signed an agreement with NEP Partners to create a partnership aimed at expanding CapMan's real estate business into a pan-Nordic operation.

The joint team will follow an opportunity-driven investment strategy and a value-added approach to investing in property in the Nordic countries. The combined experience and track record of CapMan Real Estate and NEP Partners will create a first-in-class real estate fund management team covering the Nordic market.

"The Nordic region is becoming a preferred location for real estate investments in the current economic environment. Teaming up with NEP Partners will enable us to create a leading real estate fund manager covering the entire region," says Mika Matikainen, Head of CapMan Real Estate.

"The new joint team will put us in a great position to benefit from the increasing number of distressed opportunities and under-managed assets coming up for sale in the Nordic region," continues Torsten Bjerregaard, Co-Founder of NEP Partners.

CapMan Real Estate and NEP Partners have a long and successful track record of acquiring and actively managing properties, particularly in Sweden and Finland. The key members of the new joint team are Mika Matikainen, Torsten Bjerregaard, Ilkka Tomperi, Edward Williams, Jukka Iivari, Lyndon Dodd, Kalle Myllymäki, Per Tängerstad, and Juhani Erke, strengthened with the rest of the existing teams from CapMan Real Estate and NEP Partners and potential new recruitments.

CapMan Real Estate was established in 2005 and has successfully invested four real estate funds in the region. The portfolio's value at cost as of the end of June 2011 was €1.4 billion.

NEP is a real estate investment and asset management company established in 2005 by Edward Williams and Torsten Bjerregaard. Originally formed as an operating partner for major institutions, it has operated in the Scandinavian market virtually exclusively since its founding.

Source: CapMan

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