BVIC signs floating to fixed interest rate swap for entire long term debt portfolio (GR)

BVIC announces that following an extensive review of the financial cost structure of its sale and leaseback and BOT portfolio, the Group has decided to enter into a financial floating-to-fixed interest rate swap with Credit Suisse for the entire S&L and BOT portfolio which currently stands at €336 million, in order to lock its financing cost.

As a result of this transaction, the total cost of our current S&L and BOT portfolio, which represents approximately 80% of the Groups total debt portfolio, was set at 5.29%. This compares with a current cost of 5.19% on a floating basis depending on market conditions.

BVIC's decision was a result of a number of factors, including the historic low interest rate environment, the company's anticipation that interest rates may continue to rise following the recent ECB hike, in line with wider market consensus and the company's commitment to reduce the interest rate risk and optimize its financing cost structure.

Source: BVIC

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