Brixton submit new X2 planning application (UK)

Brixton plc has now re-submitted a planning application for its 241,000-sq ft two-storey warehouse development at Hatton Cross, Heathrow. The X2 project would be the first example outside the Far East of a multi-storey warehouse which offers full HGV access to the upper floor. The new application addresses issues that were raised during the consultation process following the initial planning submission in January.

Brixton Chief Executive, Tim Wheeler, commented: In the normal course of events, these issues would probably have been resolved within the 13-week period in which Hillingdon aims to determine all applications. Unfortunately, the timetable of our application clashed with the hiatus over planning committee dates caused by the May local government elections. Consequently, this meant that the application could not be approved at the end of 13 weeks, and therefore circumstances dictated that it be refused - even though only 10 weeks had elapsed since submission.

There has been misunderstanding in some quarters that the first application was refused because of the height of the proposed scheme. Given the projects proximity to Heathrow airport, there had to be consultation with BAA in relation to aviation safety considerations, but this has been undertaken and as far as we are aware there are no statutory objections to the height of development. The height of what we are proposing is perhaps best put in context by the Jurys Hotel adjacent to the X2 site which rises to 10 storeys, and the distinct height contours which the scheme respects.

The new application also addresses transport, renewable energy and environmental queries.

Subsequent discussions have addressed Transport for Londons comments and the application has been adjusted accordingly. With regard to the level of renewable energy that the scheme will utilise, Brixton is now proposing the use of a ground source heat pump system which would contribute to the running of the heating and cooling systems in the projects office content. The final issue outstanding from the original application involved a query from the Environment Agency regarding the diversion of a ditch on the site. This has now been resolved.

Tim Wheeler commented: The multi-storey warehouse concept has much to offer both business and through greater efficiency of land use the wider community. We think Hillingdon appreciate this and are hopefully encouraged to be at the forefront of this innovative concept.

Having addressed the planning queries regarding the scheme, we hope we will now be able to obtain permission for X2 and we should still be able to commence building before the year end.

Source: Brixton

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