British GRI: UK's most senior-level real estate event (UK)

Real estate’s leading investors, developers and lenders active in the UK will get together this May for UK's most senior-level real estate event, British GRI. The event is the Global Real Estate Institute’s sixth instalment in the British market and offers a unique networking platform for Board and C-level real estate professionals.

The event gathers local and international real estate players active in the UK in informal group discussions on investment opportunities:

• CRE Long Term Debt – What alternatives, are they for everyone?

• Retail Property Market – All gloom or is it more exciting in the regions?

• Investing in the UK – London or elsewhere?

• European Real Estate – Broad recovery or niche business?

• The Square Mile – The charm of Europe?

For a conference program list, please click here.

Build powerful real estate networks, engage directly with leaders in the industry and tailor the meeting to your business needs.

Source: GRI

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