Bouygues Immobilier obtains permits to develop 55,000 m² mixed use project in Brussels (BE)

An important development has now started with the construction on a 2 ha, 20 ca former industrial site, located in Evere on the streets Ciceron – Deux Maisons and Franz Guillaume.

This project in the making for over four years, received all permits to develop 55,000 m² of buildings spread over several components.

The first part of 49,000 m² will be devoted to housing and a nursing home
- 3,000 m² to specialty shops including a TRAFIC supermarket
- 1,000 m² for convenience stores
- 2000 m² area for SMEs, which should be added
- 500 m² of nursery and 525 parking spaces

Several phases are underway, including 172 apartments sold on the market by Optima, 66 others will be launched soon.

As mentioned above, this project will include a nursing home acquired and operated by Cofinimmo and Armonea.

The developer Bouygues Immobilier Belgium purchased the land, Philippe Ortegat Partner of InTrust Brussels was his Advisor.

The firm of architects is A2RC (Michel Verlinden).

The other stakeholders in the deal are the law firm CMS De Backer (P-A. Chabot) for the owner and Haumont Scholasse for Bouygues Immobilier Belgium.

Source: Ph. J. Ortegat

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