Bouwfonds Property Development opens second office in Spain (NL/ES)

Bouwfonds Property Development Spain has opened a regional office in Valencia on March 1st. From this office the joint venture Hansa-Bouwfonds will be managed and supported. Bouwfonds Property Development Spain's head office is in Barcelona. The regional office will be lead by Rafael Cazorla Sanchis who, as Development Manager, will be responsible for the acquisition and development of projects. Sanchis is currently regional director with Sacresa, one of the largest Spanish developers.

Hans-Bouwfonds, founded in 2005, focuses on the development of residential projects in the Murcia/Alicante/Valencia region along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Considering the market's potential, growth in this region is an important focal point for Bouwfonds Property Development. This also links with the objective to, in time, grow into one of the most important players on the Spanish project development market. Building in Hansa-Bouwfonds' first project in Santa-Pola has recently started. The sale of other projects will begin soon.

In Spain, Bouwfonds Property Development also works with two other parties. Since 2005 the joint venture Inbesos-Bouwfonds is developing residential projects in Catalonia. Since January of this year, the joint venture Flores-Bouwfonds is focusing on the development of residential projects in the north of Spain, between Navarra, Cantabria and Castilla y Leon.

Source: Bouwfonds Property Development

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