Bouwfonds MAB opens Domus furniture theme center near Paris (FR/NL)

Today, the Domus shopping mall in Rosny-sous-Bois, a city on the outskirts of Paris, situated just south of the metropolis, is opening it's doors. Domus is a theme centre for home furnishings and related lines of business. It comprises 62,000 m² of retail space and leisure facilities as well as 2,400 parking spaces.

The catchment area includes roughly 2.4 million of the regions inhabitants. The Domus home furnishings theme centre meets the very diverse shopping demands of the French. Naturally, the project also provides a wide variety of bars, cafés, restaurants and other facilities.

The dynamic architecture of the building, by Myard/Raoult Architects, is based on the form of an original steamship, and creates the impression of what the visitor can expect.

Accessibility from the A3 and A86 motorways is excellent, while the neighbourhood can also easily be accessed by public transport. Port de Bagnolet is located just a few kilometres away.

Source: Bouwfonds MAB Development

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