Bouwfonds MAB Development awarded Janus du Commerce for Home Furnishings Mall DOMUS in Paris (FR/NL)

Bouwfonds MAB Development received the Janus du Commerce quality certification for DOMUS. The jury of the French Institut du Design stated that the opening of the home furnishings mall "represented a revolution for consumer choice in home furnishing items.

DOMUS is the first shopping center to receive the Janus du Commerce award. "We believed there was a place in the market for a new home furnishings retail concept, and we turned out to be right," says Marc Vaquier, Managing Director of the French subsidiary of Bouwfonds MAB Development, the property developer behind DOMUS.

DOMUS, inspired by the successful Rotterdam-based Alexandrium shopping mall, also developed by Bouwfonds MAB, is the first shopping mall in France dedicated entirely to home furnishings and accessories.
DOMUS accommodates 62,000 m² of retail outlets offering leading brands in furniture, home design items, and garden supplies and accessories. More than 70% of these retail units are currently let. One of DOMUS's main attractions is Espace Créateurs, a collection of designer shops and boutiques including Atelier Vision'Arts, Téo Jasmin, Fred Mauve, and 127 Faubourg. In addition to shopping outlets, DOMUS also offers leisure facilities and 2,500 parking spaces.

DOMUS was designed by the Parisian firm Myard/Raoult Partner Architects. The design (inspired by a cruise ship) and the glass sunroof are among the distinctive design aspects of DOMUS: visitors feel comfortable, and the layout of the mall encourages them to explore the premises and enjoy themselves. DOMUS has attracted a steady stream of visitors since its opening in March 2006, and the number of visitors is set to exceed the 5 million mark in its first year of operation. DOMUS was developed by Bouwfonds MAB Development, which co-owns the property with its partner Meyer Bergman.

The arrival of DOMUS in Rosny-sous-Bois, one of the largest suburbs in the Greater Paris Area, has meant an economic boost for the département of Seine-Saint-Denis, with the opening of the mall creating 500 new jobs to date, a number set to increase to 800 in the longer term. A valuable addition to the existing shopping centres, DOMUS helps enhance the commercial appeal of Rosny-sous-Bois thanks to its strategic location and excellent accessibility.

Source: Bouwfonds MAB Development

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