Bonarka City Center opens (PL)

In the Kraków district of Podgórze, Bonarka City Center (BCC), the largest and most state-of-the-art shopping, entertainment and service Center in the Ma³opolska Region, has been established. With a surface area of over 91,000 m2 it offers 270 shops, cafés, restaurants and other facilities.

This fulfils the idea behind the project's execution, which is restoration of the area to the city and the transformation of its degraded post-industrial areas into a busy city space.

The opening of the shopping center is the culmination of the first of three stages in the Bonarka project's execution. The near future also involves construction of modern A-class office buildings and residential apartment complexes. The total amount of the first stage's execution is EUR 30 – 35 million, with the entire investment estimated at EUR 500 million.

Bonarka's social responsibility
Thanks to the timely opening of BCC, TWO MILLION POLISH Z£OTY will be donated to children in need from Kraków and its vicinity. Well before Christmas, 20,000 children will receive special shopping vouchers.

This has been made possible with the help of philanthropic and charitable institutions like MOPS Kraków (Municipal Social Service Center in Kraków), Wieliczka, "U Siemachy" Association, Caritas Kraków, Stowarzyszenie Brata Alojzego Kosiby (Friar Alojzy Kosiba Association), District Social Service for Families in Wieliczka, Redemptorist Parrish, WIOSNA Association, and the complex of educational care facilities in Miechów.

Bonarka – A unique meeting place
The atmosphere created in BCC favours family visits and meetings with friends for the purpose of shopping, going to the cinema or having a coffee in one of the nearly 30 cafés, bars and restaurants.

The Center's spacious squares and broad alleys, have its names, as befits "city center": Palm House, By the Clock, Puszkarka Alley, Western and Eastern Arch, or Northern Passage. Lots of greenery around, including eight dozen-or-so-high natural palms and the whole complemented with a huge fountain on the biggest square of Bonarka.

Glass surfaces that cover the complex were designed so as to provide the interior with the maximum possible quantity of natural daylight.

Source: TriGranit

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