Biggest shopping center in Vojvodina to be built in Novi Sad (RS)

Members of the City Assembly of Novi Sad have adopted an important decision that will enable faster development of the city and ensure healthier and cleaner environment for the citizens. By changing the Detail Urban Plan, the construction of the modern shopping center in the former industrial zone, situated only two kilometers from the city center, is now enabled. The new shopping center with a sales area of 39,000 m² will be the first and by far the biggest in the province.

The investment is ensured by the international company Ocean Atlantic International who will, besides €80 million worth of investment and opening of 1,500 new jobs, also bring their experience and practices from the most developed world markets to Serbia.

"We are happy to announce good news for citizens of Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia. The decision of Ocean Atlantic International to invest in Novi Sad is final. Members of the City Assembly, mayor and all city public services have recognized importance of this investment so that construction works is now a technical issue that depends on the dynamics of issuing the permits necessary for their beginning. We expect that construction work will begin by the end of this year," stated Aleksandar Zavišiæ, General Manager of Ocean Atlantic International.

Source: MediaPraxis

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