The big ecostra Outlet Centre Handbook Europe 2014 | Ecostra

At the core of the 475 pages long manual are detailed center profiles of all Outlet Centers in Europe, which are in operation in 2014. Prepared in a concise form the report contains:

  • a cartographic overview of the locations and spatial distribution of all Outlet Centers in the different European countries
  • basic data for each center with information on sales area, gross leasable area (GLA), opening date, developers, operators, etc.
  • information on tenant mix with number of outlet stores, occupancy rate, brand selection, etc.
  • contact addresses of the center, the center management and leasing agency 

No. of center profiles 2014: 157 Outlet Centers in Europe

Language: English

475 pages, in color

If you would like a copy of this report and get an in-depth view on the Factory Outlet Center Performance in Europe in 2014 please follow the redirect link to our shop.