Benson Elliot raises over €500m in accelerated fundraising (UK)

Benson Elliot Capital Management ("Benson Elliot") announces that it has closed its second pan-European fund, Benson Elliot Real Estate Partners III ("BEREP III" or the "Fund"), with subscribed capital to date of €510 million, against a target of €500 million. Benson Elliot launched fundraising for BEREP III in the third quarter of 2008, closing on almost 90% of its target capital in just ten weeks.

BEREP III, which was marketed during the most turbulent period experienced in financial markets in decades, will invest in a broad range of performing and non-performing real estate assets across Europe. The firm's ability, in the current environment, to create one of the largest independently managed private equity real estate funds, is a reflection of Benson Elliot's pre-eminent reputation in the sector and the experience of its senior management in successfully navigating past market downturns.

The new fund will continue Benson Elliot's proven real estate investment and asset management activities. Benson Elliot decided to cap BEREP III at a level approximately 50% larger than the company's previous fund, Benson Elliot Real Estate Partners II ("BEREP II"), notwithstanding strong investor demand. The increased fund size for BEREP III is underpinned by the company's enlarged professional team, and reflects the company's expectation of substantial market opportunities during the investment period.

Subscribers to the Fund comprise institutional investors from Europe, North America and Asia, including corporate and public pension funds, endowments, foundations and family offices. All but one of Benson Elliot's BEREP II investors have subscribed to BEREP III, an impressive achievement in an environment where many institutions find themselves at or above allocation targets for the property sector. Among the lead investors in BEREP III are Makena Capital Management, The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio and UTIMCO.

To date BEREP II has invested circa €150 million, in six European countries, with approximately 70% of the capital invested in France and Germany. With the closing of BEREP III Benson Elliot has access to over €600 million of discretionary equity, and buying power of up to €2 billion.

Benson Elliot expects the ongoing disruptions in the global financial markets to create a steady flow of distressed investment opportunities, as many investors seek to reduce their exposure to the property sector, waves of property debt reach maturity, and new debt remains scarce. In particular, investors who made investments late in the property bull market, often using excessive leverage, will come under increasing pressure to liquidate their positions.

Commenting, Marc Mogull, Managing Partner at Benson Elliot, said: "This tough fundraising environment favours firms like Benson Elliot, which have the capability and experience to take advantage of market upheaval. During the second half of 2008 virtually no private equity real estate funds were launched, due to the paralysis in the real estate sector and wider financial markets. We see our ability to organise, and indeed oversubscribe, BEREP III, in just a few months and with virtually all of our legacy investors participating, as a strong endorsement of our business and our continued investment discipline.

"After several years in which investors have had to forage in increasingly remote markets in search of higher returns, or take on risks in established markets that, in hindsight, may seem imprudent, the next few years will offer a once in a generation opportunity for savvy investors to buy great assets, in major markets like the UK and Germany, on sensible terms. Looking back on twenty five years in this business, I can only say this is an especially exciting time to have a strong platform, an experienced team, a supportive investor base and a sizeable pool of discretionary equity.

"There will be plenty of challenges and plenty of false dawns. Patience will be a virtue in this downturn, because there will be no shortage of opportunities and recovery wo

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