Beni Stabili closes sale of 27 properties from ex Comit Fund portfolio to Operae Group (IT)

Beni Stabili has signed the closing for the sale to the Operae Group of 27 properties from the ex Comit Fund portfolio. The total sale price is €105.6 million.

As announced previously, Beni Stabili signed the preliminary agreement for a
total 29 properties.

The closing for the other two assets, with a value of €1,9 million and €14 million respectively, will be signed within the end of the year.

The parcel sold now consists of 27 properties for office/retail use, located primarily in Lombardy and Rome (50% and 28%, respectively).

The parcel of properties forms part of the "non-residential" segment of the Comit Fund portfolio acquired last 13 July, for a book value of €806 million.

Source: Beni Stabili

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