Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet wins NRW Marketing Award 2011 (NL)

The Dutch Council of Shopping Centers (NRW) has awarded Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet with the first ever NRW Marketing Award. During the 25th Annual NRW Conference on Thursday, April 14, 2011, a jury of industry experts announced that the integrated marketing year plan of 2009 and 2010 of Holland's first fashion outlet center was the winning project, setting the standard for shopping center marketing.


Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

The plan was assessed best by the jury, which judged the entries on aspects such as planning/ strategy, quality, creativity, price/ quality, measurable results, sustainability and cooperation.

In the year plan 2009/2010 a strategy was chosen where marketing was focused on the needs of individual customers. Central to this plan is the advanced customer loyalty program B MEMBER. The associated savings program has a proven revenue-enhancing function and stimulates repeat visits. Furthermore, the program gives insight into individual customer data and related shopping behavior, whereby the client can be contacted on a personal level and Batavia Stad can perfectly anticipate on his or her wishes. The effects are clear and show not only the marketing value, but also the commercial value of this program.

According to the jury Batavia Stad has made an impressive achievement with this successful implementation of the integrated marketing year plan which can set an example to the entire Dutch shopping center sector.

General Manager Gerben Boomsma and Marketing Manager Natalia de Smalen are very pleased with this award: "Having ideas is one thing, but being granted the freedom and trust to roll them out is very important. The owner of Batavia Stad understands that very well. That is part of the success, as well as working with tenants who carry our plans. They are the voices of our center and have direct contact with the customer, adding to the experience of shopping in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet.''

Source: Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

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