Barcelona Meeting Point, 30% larger in net exhibiting area

Barcelona Meeting Point has already grown a 30 per cent with respect to last year. BMP celebrates its tenth anniversary with more exhibiting area and more international exhibitors than ever.

An impression of last year's BMP.

Apart from the traditional countries that have been participating at BMP since the beginning, this year there will also be countries coming from three different areas. In the first place, and as a result of the success of Central Europe Meeting Point's first edition, BMP will gather more exhibitors than ever from Central and Eastern Europe. Bulgary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine will exhibit at BMP's Professional Hall. The presence of Caribbean countries must also be highlighted, such as Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic. Lastly, but very importantly, Brazil, a subcontinent in itself with almost 200 million inhabitants and an impressive growing pace.

Source: Barcelona Meeting Point

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