Banimmo signs two new credit facilities (BE)

Banimmo has signed two new credit facilities for a total amount of €64.9 million. Those credits will complete the existing syndicated loan of €210 million.

Those two new facilities are dedicated to two specific real estate assets. They allow to recover the flexibility of the syndicated credit in order to grasp acquisition opportunities.

They allow Banimmo also to diversify its financing sources and indicate the confidence the bank community has in the business model of Banimmo and in the soundness of its balance sheet.

In this respect, Banimmo specifies that, after the dividend payment of May 28, 2009, and taken into account the half-year fair value revaluation on its portfolio that is already known, the consolidated ratio "financial debt on total balance sheet" amounts to 56%.

Banimmo confirms also that, with an unchanged perimeter, all contractual bank ratios are largely met.

Source: Citigate

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