Banimmo and Triodos Bank sign agreement for a sustainable real estate project (BE)

Banimmo has started work on the renovation of a building located in Evere in view of the Brussels office of the Swedish Group Electrolux.

Banimmo and Triodos Bank have signed a credit agreement to complete this operation. The energy performance of this project has been one of the decisive criteria for the decision of Triodos Bank to finance the project.

This significant repositioning, key activity of Banimmo, with a surface of almost 9,000 m² will be finished by mid-2011 and will allow Electrolux to occupy a renovated building in the Brussels Region with a very high energy performance.

The building will be the object of an environmental certificate, but it is already obvious that, although the current regulation for new buildings requires a coefficient of maximum E90 and K45, the building will reach an energy performance coefficient of E64 and K20.

Thanks to its technical characteristics the building will achieve an extremely low level of primary energy consumption of 30 kWh/m²/year for the heating and 20 kWh/m²/year for the ventilation and the cooling.

Banimmo is investigating the possibilities to deliver other 'built to suit' buildings to other significant corporations concerned about their environment-image.

Triodos Bank has been active in Belgium for 17 years and it finances only activities with a positive sustainable impact in the social, environmental and cultural field.

Source: Citigate

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