BAM wins new contracts in Switzerland (CH)

BAM Swiss has won new contracts with a total value of approximately CHF 30 million (approx. €22 million). Priora Generalunternehmung AG has awarded the contract for the core and shell construction of the Werk three residential and shopping complex in Winterthur, north of Zürich, to BAM Swiss.

This involves 211 rental apartments in the center of the city, on the site of a former locomotive factory (Sulzer area). The complex has been designed by Beat Rothen architects and must meet very stringent energy performance standards (Minergie). Priora is acting on behalf of Swica Insurances, Winterthur, and Swisscanto Asset Management AG, Zürich. BAM Swiss will complete the project in early 2015.

The real estate division of the Swiss military procurement organisation, Armasuisse, has awarded BAM Swiss the contract for the structural and mechanical refurbishment of an army barrack in Bülach near Zurich, acting as main contractor. BAM Swiss will complete the project late in 2013.

A further reconstruction project of BAM Swiss is at the secondary school -Oberstufenschulhaus Hungerbühl – in Embrach, near Zurich. Aspects of this reconstruction project are to make the building earthquake-proof and to enhance the energy performance. BAM Swiss has already started its design works and will start the work on site in mid-2013 and finish in mid-2014.

In the heart of the city of Basel BAM Swiss has been selected by ProWinko to construct the core and shell of a residential and shopping building. BAM Swiss will finalize its works in mid-2013.

Source: BAM Swiss

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