Baltic Property Market Report 2014 | Newsec

All three Baltic countries have continued demonstrating one of the best growth results and shape of government finance within the EU, continuously rising private consumption as well as retail trade, stable consumer and business confidence.


International investors who were previously reluctant to enter the Baltic region because of relatively small markets, currency risk and lack of liquidity, start investigating possibilities to include the region in their investment maps.

First of all, the countries have shown impressive results in combatting the crisis as well as recovering from recession. Secondly, the currency risk is removed as Euro is already adopted in 2 of the Baltic countries–Estonia and Latvia (Lithuania expects Euro in 2015). Thirdly, transaction volume has reached pre-crisis level (approx. 480 million EUR in 2013) and is expected to beat the record in 2014 already.

(This article features excerpts from the full report – please download it here)