Baker Tilly Roelfs merges with TPW Group (DE)

Baker Tilly Roelfs and TPW Group announced to merge. This strategic merger is a logical expansion of the existing consultancy and service offerings – in terms of content and geographical location – for both Baker Tilly Roelfs and TPW Todt & Partner GmbH & Co. KG, one of the largest partner-managed interdisciplinary auditing companies in Hamburg.
Thus, the company will gain access to 154 partner firms with more than 27,000 employees in 133 countries.
The range of services provided by TPW comprises auditing, tax consulting, legal advice and financial services. Traditionally, a strong focus has been placed on the maritime sector. During the past few years the Group has also been developing and expanding its legal and tax consultancy services in the real estate sector. TPW has developed especially special consulting skills in the area of the European AIFM-directive and the correspondent German Capital Investment Code (KAGB).
With this step, the two companies will create a broadly based platform for their market presence and consulting services in Hamburg and the north of Germany. Baker Tilly Roelfs and TPW are both committed to the same high standards of quality and to the declared aim of developing optimal solutions for their clients from a single source and based on interdisciplinary collaboration.
Together with the international Baker Tilly network partners, TPW's maritime experts will have access to important markets, above all those of China, Hong Kong, Singapore and all the Mediterranean countries. As TPW's managing partner Roger Hönig points out: "As a result of the merger with Baker Tilly Roelfs, we are creating a broad platform on which we can continue to achieve long-term growth. For our clients this step will mean a much broader range of services, both, in terms of content and geographical location. Moreover, we have established a basis from which we can open up completely new markets in Germany, in the rest of Europe, and overseas."
Source: Baker Tilly Roelfs

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