Back to basics: MIPIM Summit 2009 gathers top industry wise men

Following in the footsteps of last year's highly acclaimed summit, Real Estate Publishers (REP) and MIPIM jointly organized the invitation-only MIPIM Summit 2009. With global real estate transactions down 60% in 2008, the select panel of leading international asset managers and institutional investors examined the current impact of the global downturn and offered their insight into what we can expect in the future.

By Bernd Struben, Senior Editor REP

MIPIM Summit 2009

FLTR: Steve Felix, Aviva Investors; Dietrich Heidtmann, Morgan Stanley; Hans op 't Veld, PGGM; Peter Reilly, JP Morgan Asset Management; Joe Valente, Allianz Real Estate GmbH; Janice Stanton, Cushman & Wakefield.

MIPIM Summit 2009

FLTR: Steve Felix, Dietrich Heidtmann, Hans op 't Veld and Peter Reilly.

The exclusive event drew a full house of top investors from around the world. The interactive format between the panel and the invitation-only audience was kept on track by moderators Steve Felix, Head of Real Estate Client Relations-North America, Aviva Investors, and Janice Stanton, Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield. The panel comprised Peter Reilly, Managing Director, JP Morgan Asset Management, Hans op 't Veld, Head of Real Estate, PGGM, Joe Valente, Head of Portfolio Management, Allianz Real Estate GmbH, and Dietrich Heidtmann, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley.

Question from the audience MIPIM Summit 2009

The audience posed questions to the expert panel.

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