Bärbel Schomberg elected to the Supervisory Board of WGF AG (DE)

WGF Westfälische Grundbesitz und Finanzverwaltung AG has won renowned real estate expert Bärbel Schomberg for its supervisory board. Management consultant Schomberg took up the post on May 1, 2011.

Schomberg Baerbel

Bärbel Schomberg.

Pino Sergio, WGF AG's Chairman of the Board, is delighted: "Ms Schomberg is an influential player in the German real estate funds sector and her expertise is internationally esteemed."

Sergio is confident that Schomberg's work, her expertise and contacts will enable WGF AG to consolidate and boost its competitiveness in the long term.

Bärbel Schomberg sees a promising future ahead for WGF AG: "I am greatly looking forward to my new and exciting role on the supervisory board. In my view, WGF AG is one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the German real estate sector." Since 2009, the pioneer and market leader for mortgage-backed securities has been expanding to serve an increasing number of areas of real estate investment.

In the course of the last 30 years, Schomberg has occupied various leading positions in the real estate and finance industries. She is Deputy President of the Zentrale Immobilienausschuss (German Property Federation, ZIA) and Chairman of the Board of the German real estate industry's Initiative Corporate Governance.

As Chairman of the Board for the real estate investment fund companies of the Commerzbank and Allianz Immobilien GmbH, she was one of the first real estate managers in Germany to push ahead the topic of sustainability, both in terms of content and strategy. One of her outstanding successes was the management of two sensational block sales to an American investor in 2007 worth around €3 billion. From 2003 to 2010, in her function as Chairman of the Board, Schomberg was responsible for the management of Aberdeen Immobilien in Frankfurt.

WGF Financial Group's financial products are increasingly garnering interest from institutional investors. To meet this demand, the WGF Financial Group has submitted an application to operate a real estate investment trust company (KAG). In this segment in particular, WGF AG hopes to benefit from Schomberg's expertise, drawing on her 10 years' experience in the field of real estate fund products for institutional investors.

Bärbel Schomberg will be replacing Dr Frank Schneider on the supervisory board.

Source: WGF

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