'Award of Excellence' for Multi's Musiskwartier (NL)

The innercity redevelopment Musiskwartier in Arnhem center, The Netherlands, has been rewarded with the prestigious Award of Excellence, during the presentation of the CNU Charter Awards 2006, at the American Congress for New Urbanism. It was the only enetered project that received unanimous support from all ten jury members.

The jury report speaks of "a fantastic project - simple in concept, but at the same time complex as solution. The intense connection of various usages is a crucial element in this very rich city development, which, when completed, will fit in the heart of the historic center like a missing piece of a puzzle." The jury states that the redesign of the existing street- and blockstructure, the way in which histrocial buildings and wholesale go together wonderfully, the adding of a residential layer above the shops and integrating a galery and new squares will make clear what the term 'design' in the word 'urban design' stands for.

Marcel Kokkeel, director of Multi Vastgoed, said: "It's about a large, inner city development, which has an impact on the entire city and even the region. We are very proud of this early recognition, which of course is also a merit to the Municipality of Arnhem, the architects and all the other involved parties. We look forward to completing the project. The Musiskwartier is almost finished and will be opened officially on 24 August 2006."

The Musiskwartier comprises 32,000 m² shops, incl. a renewed V&D, a parking expansion, an underground bicycle park and 76 luxury apartments above the shops. The project lies in the center of Arnhem and is being surrounded by the Roggestraat, the Land van de Markt, the Beekstraat, the Velperbinnensingel, Nieuwstad and Johnny van Doorneplein. Developer is Multi Vastgoed, Gouda. The Masterplan is by the hand of T+T Design. Architects are Robert A.M. Stern Architects (U.S.A.), Kraaijvanger Urbis, Rotterdam, Kuijper Oosterheert Wubben, The Hague and Rappange en Partners, Amsterdam.
The project is owned by Interpolis Pensioenen Vastgoed, for Bedrijfspensioenfonds voor de Landbouw and Stichting Samenwerking voor het Slagersbedrijf. Vendex KBB is owner of department store V&D.

Source: Multi Development

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