AVENIR Business Park in Prague to be expanded with new building (CZ)

Building E, the fourth in a series of administrative buildings, will expand the AVENIR Business Park office complex in Nové Butovice in Prague 13 at the turn of 2007/2008. The construction work on Building E, with 6.425 m² of leasable space, is beginning right at the time when the tenancy of the two preceding phases of approximately 23.000 m² has already reached their peaks.

"The current demand of the businesses adheres to our expectations, especially in the first quarter of this year. We noted a substantial growth in demand in comparison to last year and have already leased 5.000 m², thus verifying the quality of our project. The entire project is already 90% leased," explains business manager of the IMMORENT CR development project Silvie Køištová. IMMORENT CR is the developer and the investor of the third phase of the AVENIR Business Park.

The image of the AVENIR Business Park, in terms of the nature of tenants who have already chosen the AVENIR project as their headquarters, has taken on the profile of a modern administrative center for companies working in the field of high technology. "We are very pleased that many companies have successfully expanded here and are also increasing the size of their spaces. And that is a reaffirmation that our concept can accommodate this dynamic growth," claims TomᚠVelemínský, Legal Executive of the IMMORENT CR Development and Leasing Company. The complex has already become the center for many companies specializing in the fields of IT, telecommunications and even biotechnology.

The spectrum of leaseholders and their high demands for spaces in phase 1 and 2 of the project indicate that quality and commercially profitable office projects are possible to realize in areas away from Prague´s busy center. Such companies who have chosen AVENIR Business Park as their headquarters include the software giant SAP, Czech-Swiss software firm Cleverbee, Adobe Systems, Unioncell and the Quintiles pharmaceutical company.

During the first few months of 2007, AVENIR Business Park has also been sought after by IT and hi-tech specialist companies, such as Simac Technik CR (ICT services), CS-Project (consultation company specializing in integration and economic systems), Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (sophisticated electronic systems), CSC Computer Sciences (IT), Macron Software, as well as the CSOB banking institute, Arjowiggins, and several other companies with whom the negotiations are currently in progress.

Companies are allured to the quality in a business center that creates an unusual and at the same time motivating working environment. This is best illustrated by the words of some of the tenants from phase 2 of the project. "We needed a representative space for meetings with out partners and better working conditions for our employees. Avenir and Nové Butovice have great transit connections. A sufficient number of parking places was also a determining factor," explains Mgr. Jiøí Luhan, representative of the CS-Project, who moved into the new complex at the beginning of March. Financial Director of Simac Technic CR Martin Jireèek briefly summarizes the advantages of ABP: "Why Avenir Business Park? A quality project, transit access, flexible spaces and the Galerie Butovice Shopping Centre close by."

The architect of the third phase of the AVENIR Business Park is Vladimír Krátký. The location of the new building naturally closes a newly-created green space that will serve as a park for tenants to relax in. The design also offers interesting and more distinct elements. "We will be using a new type of ceramic tiles for the facade of Building E. We're also looking forward to a forest of leaning concrete columns under the cantilevers found in the pit of the building," says architect Krátký, describing the project.

Züblin is the contractor of the project which is expected to open at the beginning of 2008.


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