Autopia Europia, worlds largest auto-mall rises in Istanbul (TR)

With 216,000 m², Autopia Europia the world's biggest auto-mall. The Turkish firm GAD (global architectural development) in collaboration with Dara Kirmizitoprak designed Autopia Europia in Istanbul, Turkey.


At Autopia Europia in Istanbul, Turkey you can test drive cars on the roof-top track.

One of the most attractive and exciting features for customers is the roof-top track where customers will have the opportunity to test drive their car without ever having to leave the building.

The 5-story complex – two of which are underground –comprises 30,000 m² on each level, and each floor is 6 meters in height. In total, 74 trading companies are represented, and both new and second hand autos are sold from their showrooms. In the 200 auto-galleries, 443 brands and 2,526 different types of cars are waiting for customers, while 245 auctions are conducted on a daily basis.

Moreover, you can browse and walk throughe 7 kilometers of space, but Autopia Europia is so large that one needs to use Segways to navigate the enormous structure. And with 56 food and drink shops, cafés and restaurants, there's plenty of opportunity to relax and talk about which car you will decide to choose.

To help with finance, negotiations and insurance needs, there are 42 insurance companies 24 banks, and ATM's at 12 points. The car park has a 900 car capacity, and the complex also has 48 private-car service stations.

The layout is such that one can reach every location by car around the building complex. The Autopia Europia project started in 2009 and will be finished at the end of 2011. Gul & Kelesoglu Construction companies will run the property and 75% of the dealerships are already sold. The project has an €123 million ($150 million) investment. Some 6 million visitors a year are expected.

Source: GAD (global architectural development)

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