Audi Brussels full owner of 65,000 m² logistics center Automotive Park (BE)

Thanks to the Brussels Regional Development Agency (BRDA) Audi Brussels has just signed the last deed of ownership which confers full ownership to Audi for the entire site of its logistics centre in Forest. Situated on more than 7.5 hectares of land, this complex was built in 2005. It centralizes most of the subcontractors of the Audi assembly plant.

The BRDA was assigned by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region to accompany the development of the VWB – now Audi – plant. Its task consisted essentially of re-allotting the plots of land on which the Automotive Park was built. The BRDA played its coordinating and facilitating role to perfection in defending the interests of the STIB (Brussels urban transport company), the municipality of Forest and the regional authorities concerned.

Some milestones:
- Project defined by VWB in 2002-2003; permits obtained in 2004
- Plots of land obtained by the BRDA from 2002 to 2004
- Long-lease right on the land obtained in the beginning of 2004; land made available to VWB in April 2004, and start of the construction of the Automotive Park
- Activities on the Automotive Park launched at the end of 2005
- SNCB land acquired by VWB in June 2006, and BRDA land by Audi in March 2009
- STIB land acquired on 19 April of this year

The construction of the Automotive Park, a building comprising 65,000 m², represents a VWB/Audi investment of more than €35 million.

"The BRDA has once again clearly shown that it fulfils its guiding role and its task as real estate coordinator for the Brussels-Capital Region to the full. It promotes economic development by bolstering the presence of businesses in the Brussels region," emphasizes Philippe Antoine, General Manager at the BRDA.

Full owner of its entire site henceforth, Audi is reinforcing its base in Brussels. The confidence that the carmaker shows in the Brussels site can only be applauded. The establishment of the centre will obviously boost employment in Brussels, but it also proves that the city retains its power to attract investors. The group will soon launch the production of the Audi A1 exclusively in Brussels.

Source: FL Consult

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