Atisreal advisor in QPT Tower transaction (BE)

Advised by Atisreal, International Real Estate plc ceded control over the proprietary company of the building located at 16 Quai aux Pierres de Taille to a private Irish investor, O'Mahony & sons. Atisreal represented the seller, conducting the negotiations between the parties on an exclusive basis.

Located just off the Place de Brouckère, the building at 16 Quai aux Pierres de Taille consists of 11,255 m² on 13 floors, 441 m² of storage space and 45 outside parking lots. Almost fully occupied, the QPT Tower houses prestigious tenants such as AGF, Erasme (Lothier polyclinic), SMI-MSR (Industrial accident prevention and protection service).

The Tower also benefits from long-term lease contracts.

Following termination of the negotiations relating to IT Tower investment transactions in both the IT Tower and Astro Tower, Atisreal closed the year in a very satisfactory manner with the transaction relating to the QPT Tower, located in the very heart of Brussels.

Source: Atisreal

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