Atenor Group sells its holdings in Anagest (BE)

Atenor Group has announced that it has sold to Texaf its holdings of 85% in the Belgian company Anagest, so that from now on Texaf holds 98.90% of Anagest.

Anagest holds 70% of the Congolese company Alta Invest, the Congolese State owning the balance. Alta Invest owns 3 apartment buildings located in Kinshasa in the DRC, in Gombé, a much sought-after district. These 3 buildings, better known under the name of "Sabena Buildings" contains a total of 84 apartments and 8 studios (more than 17,000 m² of built-up area). They had been transferred in 2000 to Alta Invest by the Congolese government in compensation for an old credit which was held by the ex-shareholders of the Comectrik company.

To date these properties have not generated any income; in addition to the problem of
clearing the property of their occupants, they will have to undergo major renovation.
Texaf, in a strong position because of its property experience in DRC thereby
increases its potential rental income. With this sale Atenor Group confirms its
program of selling non-strategic holdings and the continuation of focusing on its
property development business; this transaction should not have significant impact on
its results.

Source: Atenor

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