Assoimmobiliare and Federimmobiliare, representing the entire Italian real estate industry, join EPF (IT/EU)

Aldo Mazzocco, CEO of Beni Stabili and President of Assoimmobiliare, and Gualtiero Tamburini, President of Federimmobiliare, said "EU policy is now crucial for real estate. An optimal EU Internal Market for Real Estate will improve Italian regulation and facilitate foreign investment in Italy. Our membership of EPF will enable active Italian involvement in the design of this EU legislative architecture."

John Frederiksen, Joseph Houlihan and Michael MacBrien, President, Chairman of the Managing Committee and Director General of EPF said "Assoimmobiliare has all the big Italian players and Federimmobiliare has 18 national associations covering every aspect of real estate investment, development and professions, housing and commercial, big and small. EPF and all its members will benefit greatly from this broad representation and expertise.

Source: EPF

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