Asian Insurers invest £40 million into Schroder UK Property Fund (UK)

Schroder UK Property Fund (SPF) is today announcing the first investment into the fund by Asian institutions since it converted to a PAIF in July 2012. Two large Asian insurance companies have chosen to invest £40 million (approx. €47.9 million) into SPF, providing further evidence of the growing diversity of the investor base since its conversion.

James Lass, SPF Fund Manager, commented:

"Following a significant and detailed due diligence process which started six months ago, we are delighted that our new insurance clients have chosen SPF as their first overseas real estate investment. They had previously had a domestic real estate holding in Asia but decided to increase their exposure to the asset class and diversify outside of their home market. We agree with them that the UK property market is a safe haven for international as well as domestic investors.” The Schroder UK Property Fund is Schroders’ flagship property fund. It provides investors with diversified exposure to over £1.4 billion of UK commercial property and is managed by our highly experienced property team. SPF has outperformed its benchmark over one and three years* and is available to UK domestic and International professional investors seeking to benefit from Schroders’ expertise.

Source: Schroders

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