Arup develops masterplan for UK Central creating 100,000 jobs (UK)

Arup has developed an ambitious masterplan which outlines how the area around the NEC and Birmingham Airport could be developed to create 100,000 jobs and boost GDP by as much as £19.5 billion (approx. €22.8 billion).

The Arup-led consortium appointed to produce the UK Central (UKC) masterplan predicts that an additional 100,000 jobs could be created - increasing the region's revenue to up to £19.5 billion annually by 2040.


The masterplan, commissioned by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and the Greater Birmingham (GBSLEP) and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, is the first and most extensive plan of its kind for the area.

It builds on existing strengths of one of the leading investment destinations in the UK, such as the NEC and Blythe Valley and Birmingham Business Parks which already support an estimated 100,000 jobs and contribute £5.1 billion to the economy.

The 200 page masterplan covers a broad spectrum of business and economic growth opportunities - including comparisons of where the growth of the region is projected to be both with and without the proposed masterplan.

"The UK Central masterplan builds on Solihull's tremendous strengths, offering a fabulous quality of life, connections to around 70% of the UK's population in under 90 minutes and a supportive investment environment that already stands out in its performance over the last two decades.

"By capitalizing on one of the strongest economic bases in the UK today, the UK Central masterplan sets out a 'road map' for growth that can underpin a national economic resurgence."

Source: Arup

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