Arlington Securities launches UK Fund of Funds (UK)

Arlington Securities announces the launch of its UK Fund of Funds, the second sub-fund in its Fund of Funds umbrella product.

The Arlington UK Fund of Funds will allow investors to invest in a portfolio of balanced and specialist funds investing across the UK. The Fund will invest in funds with a low to medium risk profile. The performance target is to outperform the HSBC/AREF All Balanced Fund Index 50 basis points per annum on a 3-year rolling basis. It has target equity of €355 million (£250 mln.).

The Arlington UK Fund of Funds is part of Arlington's wider Fund of Funds product, which is designed to give institutional and high net worth investors the ability to invest in up to three distinct sub-funds, all of which are themselves funds of funds. This enables investors to build a highly diversified portfolio tailored to their own risk tolerances.

The Arlington UK Fund of Funds joins the Eurozone Fund of Funds which was launched in July 2006, and will be followed later this year by the Adventurous Fund of Funds. The Adventurous Fund of Funds will invest in funds throughout Europe on a more opportunistic basis aiming to seek out more specialist and potentially higher returning funds.

Richard Gale, Fund Manager of the Arlington UK Fund of Funds commented:"There has been a great deal of interest in this product from investors who want to get diversified geographic and sector coverage in the UK through one single investment. The growth in the UK property market has led to an increasingly broad range of funds, particularly ones with a specialist strategy. Many investors find it hard to do the necessary research to cover all these funds, and to monitor them subsequently, and so are finding that a fund of funds run by an experienced manager is the best approach for them."

Source: Arlington Securities

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