Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund announces State Commissioning of Riviera Shopping City (UA)

Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund announces the State Commissioning of its Riviera Shopping City in Odessa, Ukraine. Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund announced the practical completion and State Commissioning of Phase Two of its 83,000 m2 Riviera Shopping City retail and entertainment development project in Odessa, Ukraine.

This critical milestone marks a large step forward in the successful and timely opening of the Centre which features real,- Hypermarket, Zara and other Inditex Brands, OBI DIY and an IMAX Multiplex Cinema amongst many other leading international and regional retailers.

The opening of Riviera Shopping City this Autumn will be the largest retail opening in Ukraine this year and will be among the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the country. Argo is also announced that the center is now over 75% let with a number of major leasings expected to be announced in the forthcoming weeks.

Robert Provine, Fund Manager of Argo, states, "We are very pleased that we have been able to maintain construction and leasing momentum through this very challenging period and importantly, that Riviera Shopping City remains on track to open in Autumn this year."

Ulf Groth, Managing Director of real,- Hypermarket - Ukraine noted, "We are pleased with the progress of the shopping center and the achievement of the important step of State Commissioning which provides real,- Hypermarket, the confidence that Riviera Shopping City will be the ideal location for our first store in Ukraine."

Source: Cardew Group

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