APG joins the International Sustainability Alliance (NL)

APG, which manages worldwide pension assets of approximately 240 billion euros, has become the latest Founder Member to join the International Sustainability Alliance (ISA). ISA is the new organisation dedicated to creating a more a sustainable built environment through research and benchmarking. It will enable the real estate sector to meet and exceed its environmental targets, drive carbon reduction commitments and make the link between environmental and financial performance of real estate.

Sander Paul van Tongeren, Senior Sustainability Specialist, APG Asset Management said, "The International Sustainability Alliance will help transform global property and embed sustainability into the commercial activities of developers and investors. There has never been a better time to get involved in the drive towards common standards across the world. ISA will enable investors such as ourselves an unrivalled opportunity to benchmark and improve return on investment."

"Asset management plays an important role in corporate social responsibility and APG believes that consideration for people and the environment go hand in hand with a good financial performance. Joining ISA definitely contributes to our strategy in this area."

Carol Atkinson, Chief Executive of BRE Global said, "ISA is rapidly building its network of industry leaders, property owners, investors and others dedicated to improving the sustainability of real estate. Investors have a critical role to play in driving the sustainability agenda and we are delighted to have APG on board."

ISA now has over 20 Founder Members and is focusing on:

  • measuring the environmental performance of buildings and the economic impact and added value of a corporate sustainability strategy (data from over 2,600 buildings across 29 different countries is already being collated)
  • encouraging consistency of metrics and reporting
  • providing access to world class, secure, internet-based tools to collect, benchmark and intelligently report on building data
  • accelerating progress through independent research, measurement and evaluation of economics and new innovations, technologies, processes and techniques
  • ensuring that consistent, transparent sustainability standards achieve maximum reach, grow in scope and advance in value as new knowledge is gained

Source: BRE

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