Another terminal in PNK-Vnukovo Industrial Park was bought by Fortex (RU)

Fortex, a leading distributor of furniture production components in the Moscow region, bought a 25,223 m² warehouse complex in A+ level industrial park PNK-Vnukovo. The warehouse was bought in the stage of construction and it is planned to go into operation in December 2012. The deal consultant is S.A. Ricci company.

Despite the growing expectations of the second wave of crisis, the demand for PNK Group product continues to grow: according to S.A. Ricci in 2012 all large deals in the segments of industrial property were conducted in industrial park PNK-Vnukovo. As of today seven out of nine buildings of PNK-Vnukovo are sold.

Thereby in 2012 there is a tendency of increasing of the share of purchased warehouse properties in the general structure of warehouse intake. According to S.A.Ricci, in the 1st half of 2012 this share equaled 14% (in 2008 6% of all warehouse in use were sold, while in 2009 only 3%). The volume of purchased spaces increased from 51,000 m² in 2008 to 130,000 m² in 2011, which is 2.5 times.

"The new trend in the market of warehouse real-estate is explained by the desire of several companies to profitably invest their funds while purchasing of high liquidity real estate object and to simultaneously to fix the expenditures for products storage. Purchasing of modern high quality warehouse allows to reach both of these goals", said Dmitri Gerastovskiy, Director of Warehouse and Industrial real estate Department at S.A. Ricci.

"Indeed leasing contracts of class-A and class-A+ warehouses are signed in dollars, and most experts are sure that there is a tendency in weakening of the ruble. But what is the most important - modern warehouse of high quality allows not only to significantly reduce the costs of ownership and exploitation, but also to considerably increase effectiveness of storage and handling of the goods in this object.

"Warehouse complex is one of the major components of the business, its effectiveness is especially important in the situation of the financial instability. It is supported by the fact that new high-tech industrial parks of PNK Group, that were set in operation during the crisis of 2008-2010, were occupied for almost 100% during the stage of construction. Whereas hundreds of thousands of square meters stayed vacant", said the Executive Director of PNK Group Oleg Mamaev.

The total space of industrial park of class-A+ PNK – Vnukovo is 308,000 m². The first phase of 76,000 m² was put in operation in December 2011. The completion of the project was planned for the first quarter of 2013.

The industrial park was situated 19 km away from MKAD on Kievskoye and Borovskoye highways. During the construction of the park the international standards FM Global were systematically implemented, which were developed by the largest insurance companies in the world and which have special requirements regarding fire-prevention, reliability of the building and safety of goods.

Source: PNK Group

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