Anka Reijnen will leave Nieuwe Steen Investments (NL)

Mrs J.J.M. (Anka) Reijnen has decided to leave Nieuwe Steen Investments N.V. in the course of September 2009. During the last year, Mrs Reijnen performed the duties of CFO within the management board, before that she was CEO. The precise date of resignation will be determined in mutual agreement. Nieuwe Steen Investments will search a new CFO from outside the company.

Anka Reijnen explains her decision: "From the outset of the company in 1993, I have worked with full dedication for NSI. In the meanwhile, the company has changed direction under a new CEO. This requires a new approach and a different kind of experience and knowledge. This is the right moment for me to start looking for new challenges and to make room for a new CFO."

Johan Buijs, CEO, says: "During the last years, Anka Reijnen lead the process of change wihtin Nieuwe Steen Investments. She made valuable contributions to the development of the company. We fully respect her decision to give her career a new turn and we do thank her for her involvement and dedication."

Source: Nieuwe Steen Investments

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