Andersia Business Centre obtains financing (PL)

Andersia Business Centre (ABC), the next modern architecture business complex in Poznan city center and a joint venture between the City of Poznan and Von der Heyden Group, has obtained financing. From among all banks invited to co-operation, the best offer was made by Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.

Underground construction works of ABC have already been completed before debt financing and finished successfully by PORR (Polska) S.A. according to the plan.

Aboveground works are about to start in July and are estimated to last only 14 months. The General Contractor is PORR (Polska) S.A., one of the leaders on the European construction market.

Sven von der Heyden, Chairman of Von der Heyden Group, said: "I am particularly proud and relieved to have been able to strengthen our ties with BZWBK, who even during a difficult market environment at all times during the last years has been a reliable, but also commercially thinking partner.

"Getting projects of this size financed is not that easy these days, hence I want to compliment our team, BZWBK and all advisors involved."

Adam Trybusz, Managing Director of Andersia Business Centre Sp. z o.o. and Von Der Heyden Group in Poznan, said: "If there was a contest for the 'European Capital of Consistency', not only 'European Capital of Culture' that we are a little jealous of Wroclaw, Poznan would probably be the winner of such contest!

"Anders Square is a prime example of a consistent development policy of the city. Each project is always a step forward, never backwards. In the near future we envisage doing two projects at once.

"After ABC we will develop two more towers with total rentable area of 35,000 m². This is the goal set by our partner in business – the City of Poznan."

Source: Von Der Heyden Group

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