Amsterdam Seaports: modest transhipment rise in 2010 (NL)

Amsterdam Seaports (the ports of the North Sea Canal region) have ended the year 2010 with a 4% transhipment increase. The port region ended the year with transhipment worth approximately 90 million ton.

In 2010 recovery presented itself after suffering the consequences of the worldwide economic crisis in 2009, as the 2010 figures show. The Amsterdam port witnessed a strong recovery particularly in the last months of the year.

Modest decline in Amsterdam
The Amsterdam port is part of the North Sea Canal region along with the ports of IJmuiden, Beverwijk and Zaanstad. Compared to the previous year, transhipment in the Amsterdam port declined slightly by 1% to approximately 72.5 million ton. After a 7.1% drop in the first six months, the second half of the year showed a strong 5% recovery. Total transhipment thus almost reached the 2009 level.

Rise in IJmuiden
In IJmuiden transhipment increased by 30% reaching 17 million ton, particularly due to the intensified demand for steel. In Zaanstad transhipment stabilised compared to last year, while Beverwijk witnessed an increase.

Fourth port of Europe
Port of Amsterdam's president and CEO Dertje Meijer, "Despite the economic crisis, the Amsterdam port region managed to book good results registering a 4% increase. Transhipment decline was no more than 1%, which is tiny. Last year our port was the fourth port of North West Europe following Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. I am very proud of this."

Recovery in the second half of the year
The year 2010 proves that decline in the transhipment of oil products and pit coal in the first six months was followed by a rise in the second half of the year. Recovery is also visible in the rising ore transhipment. The same applies to agricultural bulk, sand, gravel and minerals. Roll-on/Roll-off transhipment recovered strongly this year, while general cargo and container transhipment declined. In total the Amsterdam port processed no more than 1 million ton of container cargo in 2010.

Logistics site
In total 200,000 square metres of logistics site are under construction in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is claiming half of it (100,000 m²). Port of Amsterdam allocated approximately 25 ha of land in Atlaspark, Minervahaven and the oil terminals.

Outlook 2011
For the coming year the Amsterdam port is expecting current transhipment to stabilise. Unfortunately, the crisis continues for some of the relevant sectors, but hopefully the port will continue to benefit from the careful economic growth expected in general in the year 2011.

Smart port
The Port of Amsterdam is the fourth largest port in Europe and aims to be a smart port with sustainable growth being the key objective. Growth that should ensure job opportunities and income with the Port making clever use of the available space; growth without damaging the quality of the water, soil and air; growth that will allow the people of Amsterdam to appreciate the port area even more and refer to it as being interesting and attractive. These are the ambitions of the Port of Amsterdam which it seeks to realize by joining hands with partners within the business community, city and region.

Source: Port of Amsterdam

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