Amsterdam needs more hotels (NL)

Research by local government shows that Amsterdam can use 10.000 – 13.000 hotelrooms in the years to come. Tourists spend € 2,5 billion annually in the Amsterdam region. These expenditures are expected to grow, according to the municipality of Amsterdam and other municipalities working together in the Stadsregio Amsterdam.

The number of overnight stays is expected to grow with 40 percent till 2015. In absolute figures this means 2,4 million extra over night stays. The availability of hotels could also attract more international business activity.

The Stadsregio Amsterdam will start a program to stimulate the building of new hotels. The city will elaborate the results and recommendations of the research in cooperation with real estate developers and hotel companies. Hotel capacity in the Amsterdam region grew with a third to 23.233 rooms over the last decade. Most hotels, 66 percent, are located within the Amsterdam city limits.

Source: Stadsregio Amsterdam

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