Amsterdam Central Station building to be renovated (NL)

ProRail and NS are restoring and renovating the listed station building by the architect Pierre Cuypers. Work was started on the West Wing at the end of November 2014.
The station will have new floors, columns, ceilings and lighting. The entrance lobby to the new West Passage, that is also being built, will be realised.
These passageways will provide unrestricted passage without access gates between the city centre and the IJ bay, and NS will incorporate shopping facilities for passengers who have more time to spend.
The work on the West Wing will be completed in the spring of 2015. After the West Wing, restoration of the concourse will be started. The offices on the first floor that can currently be seen from the central hall will then be removed. Removing them will bring back the line of sight to the platform roofs. Instead of the offices, there will be a balcony linking the central hall with the platforms and the catering facilities there via stairs and lifts.
A staircase and an escalator will be added in the central hall. These staircases will connect the Metro to the central hall. The Amsterdam Urban Region is co-financing the staircases and escalators. The covered arcades on the outer wall, which are also listed, will be restored and put back in place. These restoration and renovation projects will be completed in 2017.
Source:NS Stations

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