Amplio to construct hotels in all 81 provinces of Turkey (TR)

Amplio, a company growing rapidly and founded on May 2007 for hotel investments in Turkey, has made its 2007 consequences and 2008 goals evaluation meeting at the Feriye Restaurant. Amplio's chairman Alaeddin Babaoglu said, they've setted out for absolute hotel investments on every 81 provinces of Turkey.

Babaoglu also added that they've signed a very special strategic partnership agreement with Hilton Hotels Corporation, USA on 2007 and even way over then their own expectations, with a record capital increase, they've made a great start to year 2008 by multiplying their own founds with $5 up to 25 million. Specifying that they're growing rapidly, only by hotel investments, Babaoglu also noted that the groundbreaking ceremonies of Diyarbakir, Bursa and Manisa will be made in the coming months.

Amplio came together with press members in Feriye Restaurant, to share their 2007 evaluations and 2008 goals. Amplio, founded on May 2007 for absolute hotel investments all the way through the west and east sides of Turkey, started 2008 with a record capital increase. During the meeting, Amplio Chairman Alaeddin Babaoglu defined all the 2008 enlargement targets, hotel investments in Turkey, the cities deemed to invest on to and the projects of the hotel foundations that will be layed on 2008.

Early hotels will be in Diyarbakir, Bursa & Manisa with the Hilton Garden Inn brand
Alaeddin Babaoglu, who has signed on more than 100 successful international projects within several international associations in hotel investment businesses, said, "Investments made in the hotel investory area in Turkey are mostly purposed on tourism sector. There is a huge lack in business hotel investory. Hotel investments are obviously inadequate, especially on the zones except big cities. While we were establishing Amplio, we've aimed to grow by making hotel investments all the way through to the west and east sides of Turkey. Our primary aim is to get big international chains, which has become important brands, over to Turkey. In this context, we've signed our first strategic agreement last year, with Hilton Hotels Corporatin, USA to bring Hilton Garden Inn Hotels to Turkey. Right along with Hilton, we're recieving several collaboration offerings by important international brands acting on business hotel investory in Turkey. Our negotiations keep going on this subject. In later periods, we're going to sign new agreements by evaluating these various offers and proposals. Our aim is to bring quality and set the sector in motion by making a great many of global brands to meet Turkey market."

$300 million of investment, employment for 10,000 individuals
Specifying that they've moved so fast over the 2007 objections and initially completed the land purchases in Diyarbakir, Bursa and Manisa, Alaeddin Babaoglu said, "Not only the big cities but all the 81 provinces of Turkey are in our coverage area. Except the cities I've mentioned before, we've also reached to the agreement stage with the plot owners to construct hotels also in Gebze, Edirne, Eskisehir, Konya, Malatya and Istanbul. We're predicting a total expenditure of €300 million for 20 hotels that we've planed to invest between the years of 2008 and 2009." Underlining the employment gap as the biggest problem of our country, Babaoglu also added, they'll be employing 10,000 individuals too, with the investments that they're going to release.

Source: Amplio

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